This could be "the greatest Offer" from God you can't refuse: *FREE HEAVEN! Which means, you can surely (*100%) get to Heaven someday - forever, once you accept this *FREE GIFT. Come and get it.


"So YOU Want to Surely (100%) Be IN HEAVEN Someday?"

Here is the surefire Way to Heaven no one is telling you about.
by George C. Villanueva, Author of the ebook "HEAVEN? (It's *FREE! And so is Hell.)" 

Regarding our ultimate eternal Destiny, yes, everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die just yet. Everyone hopes to be in Heaven, however most people are not 100% sure that they’ll be there someday, isn’t it?

But there is a time for everything. A time to laugh and a time to cry. A time for war and a time for peace. A time for living and a time for dying. Then, what?


You in heaven*Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me! I was once lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see… Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come. 'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home…Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail, and mortal life shall cease, I shall possess within the veil, a life of joy and peace…” – John Newton, a former slave hunter and trader who became a Believer 

What if there's a surefire Way for you and me to absolutely, positively be in Heaven someday - forever, which your dear mother, best friend or religious leader may not have told you about? Would you like to know it, right now? Would you gladly take it? 

I felt I would be remiss if I didn't let you know of this very important discovery - "the surefire Way" to Heaven. Be sure to read every word of this article because your own ultimate eternal Destiny is at stake. A summary follows and the details after.

  • BASIC PREMISE: A lesson from “the unsinkable ship - Titanic” tragedy - Since you and I can’t save ourselves from drowning when left alone (without any gear) in the middle of the ocean, doesn’t it stand to reason that you and I won’t be able to save ourselves or bring ourselves from planet Earth to Heaven?  And if you can't save yourself, how can you save others? Therefore, we all need the Living Savior because a dead one can’t simply do it.
  • SUMMARY: BELIEVE. BECOME. BE SAVED. When you BELIEVE (a *free act) in the Living Savior and what He has already done for you (a finished fact), you instantly BECOME an adopted child of God who is assured to BE SAVED from the fires of Hell. Then, YOU will surely (*100%) go and live IN  HEAVEN someday – FOREVER! So simple. So true. So divine.


Did you know that in our world, there are only 2 types of people? Only 2 eternal destinies for all of us?  But you and I can and must choose. – Somebody noted that on its maiden voyage, the “unsinkable ship” Titanic has a lot of passengers from different walks of life.  Some passengers were young and old, men and women, rich and poor, unschooled and educated, black and white, and others.  However, when the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean, its passengers were categorized only into 2: the Saved and the Unsaved (drowned or missing). 

In like manner, we, people who live here on planet Earth, after finishing our life’s journey (or when we die), will also be categorized only into 2: the Saved by the Living Savior (Believers who will go to Heaven for eternal life) and the Unsaved who tried to save themselves or didn't care at all (Unbelievers who are destined to Hell for eternal wrath). Our age, gender, economic class, educational attainment, marital status, occupation, race, country, religious affiliation, physical beauty or fitness, net worth, and the like will no longer matter when we die, which occurs only once.  For after our earthly life, automatically comes our ultimate eternal Destiny. 

Since you and I can't save ourselves from drowning when left alone (without any equipment) in the middle of the ocean, doesn't it stand to reason that you and I won't be able to save ourselves or bring ourselves from planet Earth to Heaven? And if somebody can't save herself, how can she save you? Therefore, we all need the Living Savior because a dead one can't help us do it.

Rejoice and be glad! Have you not heard of the good news?  In His wisdom and power, God has provided the surefire Way for each of us to be saved and to be in Heaven someday (the How?).  There's more. In His love and justice, God allows each person, during her lifetime, to *freely choose her ultimate eternal Destiny:  Heaven or Hell (the Where?).

Of course, God's Way will surely (*100%) bring you and me to Heaven. "I-did-it-my-way." or its variants won't. These are givens.

­­­­And this is "the greatest Revelation" you will ever have: In spite of what you have done wrong, God unconditionally loves you. He wants to give you what is best for you. But God will never force His Way or His love on you (for love is a 2-way process and it’s not love if it is imposed). You must choose to respond to God’s love, by faith, which is voluntary, personal and not forced.

To guide us in making "the greatest Decision" of our life, our loving, compassionate and all- knowing God has revealed to us, in advance or 2,000 years ago, a glimpse of the ultimate eternal Destiny we will choose as shown below.

And to fully grasp the consequence of your choice or “greatest Decision”, first, begin by reminiscing your fondest memory. Then, think back in your life of the most painful experience you’ve ever had.   Which one feels good?

NOW, vividly IMAGINE yourself perpetually living in …

  • HEAVENaplace of *amazing love, of exhilarating joy, of total peace, of spectacular beauty, of awesome power, and of incalculable riches. It is a place where a Believer can have everlasting fellowship of love with God and many exciting people, enjoy great feasts, reign with God over His wonderful creation, and have meaningful and purposeful work or plays to do.  Heaven is a place without evil - no sin, suffering, crying, pain, famine, calamity, war, strife, sickness, hunger, tragedy, sorrow, frustration, misery, violence, injustice, depression, corruption, oppression, persecution, and death - for all eternity. Go on, Picture Yourself a Ruler in "the ultimate unending PLEASURE" - HEAVEN;   Or  
  • HELL an eternal quarantine or the final prison that will totally separate evil (Satan and his minions) from good (God and his followers) for all times. The dire consequence of sin and unbelief, Hell is the very steep price Unbelievers pay for rejecting God's love. It is an unquenchable blazing fire - an eternal agony, torment, sorrow, and excruciating pain for the Unbelievers.  Hell is a permanent place where the wicked/Unbelievers terribly suffer, where they long for relief but they cannot be comforted, where they are conscious of their intense suffering while their memory still lingers, and where they are without hope (their pain, problem and predicament will never be changed, forever and ever). Go ahead Picture Yourself a Prisoner in "the ultimate unending PAIN" - HELL.

Given these compelling truths unveiled by God for our own sake, everlasting joy versus everlasting horror, you and I have no excuse but to choose wisely the right eternal Destiny we dream about and God’s Way to surely (*100%) achieve it, isn’t it? Or when HEAVEN is *FREE and so is HELL, why would you settle for less?

The choice is yours, but the consequences are certain, mind-boggling, unchanging.

Now, the ultimate Question is: After imagining yourself a Ruler in Heaven or a Prisoner in Hell, where would you want to spend your own precious life, FOREVER? When you have a crucial dream to achieve, write it down.

Sometime in 1988, by God’s *amazing grace (undeserved favor) through faith, I have chosen Heaven as my ultimate eternal Destiny and God’s Way to achieve it. I am very optimistic  that, you also want to be saved so you will surely (*100%) get to Heaven someday, for all eternity, right?  If I can choose Heaven, so can you, even today! Here’s how or here is God's Way.



For instance, imagine yourself this time a beggar. If you will knock at the door of the mansion of world boxing icon and Honorable Senator Manny Pacquiao (located at the posh village, Forbes Park, in Makati, Philippines), and then you make a request to him, “Sir, I want to stay for good in your beautiful mansion.”, will he allow you to do so?

If you have a personal relationship with Honorable Manny, say you are his long lost son or daughter, there is no problem.  Or else, you must first be adopted as a son or daughter of Honorable Manny, by believing and accepting his adoption terms, in order for you to live for good in his mansion, isn’t it? (Being a beggar, as you are, there's no need for you to do spectacular deeds or give costly gifts for Honorable Manny to merit your adoption.)

The same holds true in Heaven. When you die, God will only allow you to live in Heaven, forever and ever, if you have a personal relationship with Him.  That is, you are God’s adopted child, under His adoption terms, not yours. Adopted sons and daughters of God are called Believers, the Saved ones who understand, accept and receive the truth by faith: Who to believe?, What to believe? and Why believe? (God’s "adoption" terms).

Did you know that to be adopted as a child of God (by being a Believer of the Living Savior and what He has done for you) is for *FREE?  Yes, because this is a timeless, painless and priceless Gift from our loving Creator God for you and me.  (No amount of money, connections or good works can buy it.) And like any other pre-wrapped and available gift, you must only have to accept and receive it, so it can be yours.

The good news is you can decide or choose to be a Believer, even NOW! Tomorrow may be too late. Why? Because like a thief in the night, death may come when you least expect it and by then, you can no longer exercise your choice or control.

Choosing to be a Believer (or not) of the true Who?, What? and Why? is “the greatest Decision” of your life because of its profound eternal consequence: either You are in Heaven – forever or You are in Hell – forever. In this regard, you must get all the facts, evidences and truths to make a wise decision, right?

Your faith (i.e., being sure of what you hope for) must be based on solid facts not flimsy feelings.

When YOU absolutely, positively want to be IN HEAVEN someday – FOREVER, come grab your personal copy of this ebook entitled, “HEAVEN? (It’s *FREE! And so is Hell.)”, available at* and others.

  • First, it will answer 7 crucial questions pertaining to your earthly and eternal life. So, you can comparatively picture yourself as Ruler in the ultimate eternal Pleasure - Heaven or a Prisoner in the ultimate eternal Pain - Hell.
  • Then, it will unveil before your eyes "the surefire Way" to Heaven no one is telling you about.
  • Finally, with solid and compelling reasons, evidences and truths, this ebook will then help you wisely make "the greatest Decision" now, so you can surely (*100%) get "the greatest Gift" of your life someday - HEAVEN, FOREVER! Painless. Timeless. Priceless.

Hence, after revealing to you God’s Way, the surefire Way to Heaven, “HEAVEN? (It’s *FREE. And so is Hell.” is not just an ebook, it’s your ultimate eternal Destiny! Grab it now before it's too late. You'll be very glad you did!

  • Then you will know the Truth and God’s immutable verdict. –  “For God so loved the world (you, other people and me) that he gave his only begotten Son (our Living Savior), that whoever believes (any Believer) in him shall not perish (in Hell) but have eternal life (in Heaven). For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe (any Unbeliever) stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s only begotten Son.” (God's Word, as written in John 3: 16-18 of the Bible).
  • Make no mistake. God who is Sovereign, Faithful and True will surely fulfill His Word, His promises and His warnings for you and me. *Guaranteed!



BOTTOM LINE:  Therefore, to surely (*100%) GET TO HEAVEN someday, you and I must believe and be saved by God’s only begotten Son, our one and only Living Savior (by the way, His name means "God saves" or “God is my Savior”).

Believe in God's Son and what he has already done for you is God's Way, the surefire Way, for YOU to absolutely, positively be IN HEAVEN someday – FOREVER! It is finished or a done deal. And it’s *FREE for anyone who believes. (Unbelievers are automatically condemned to Hell for their sins and unbelief, once they finished their life's journey here on earth.)

Like what most of us do, you and I prepare (to have control) on any important event in our lives: Birthday, Enrollment, Graduation, Vacation, Party, Anniversary, Employment, Reunion, Wedding, Family, Career, Business, Retirement, and others, don't we?. But have you prepared for your ultimate eternal Destiny, the most crucial one? Is it Heaven or is it Hell by default?

With regards to achieving your crucial dream or ultimate eternal Destiny, you may be very sincere in the Who?, What? and Why? of your beliefs, but you could also be very sincerely wrong, isn’t it? If this is so, then you will dearly forego eternal life in Heaven.

Be honest with yourself. Based on your current beliefs, are you NOW *100% sure that you will absolutely, positively GET TO HEAVEN at the end of your days here on planet Earth?

Will you be part of the Rapture - the imminent event when bodies of Believers, dead or alive, will be changed to resurrected bodies, to instantly combine with their souls and spirits, and be with God in Heaven for all eternity? 

If not yet, seize this day because time flies fast. And the stake is quite high for you to ignore. 

Therefore be wise – not only be informed, but be transformed as an adopted child of God. If you really want, today or now is the time of your salvation.

"I tell you, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation." (2 Corinthians 6: 2 of the Bible).

So, Be a BELIEVER (of the true Who?, What? and Why? or God’s “adoption” terms), NOW! And you BECOME an adopted child of God, right NOW. Then, YOU will surely (*100%) BE SAVED from the fires of Hell and will be destined to the joy, love and riches of HEAVEN someday - FOREVER!

(REMEMBER: With compelling reasons, evidences and truths, this ebook, “HEAVEN? (It’s *FREE. And so is Hell.)”, now available at and others will help you be a Believer,  so that you can surely (*100%) achieve the ultimate eternal Destiny you dream about – HEAVEN, FOREVER! Grab it now while you still can.)

  • “Yet to all who received him (the Living Savior), to those who believed (Believers) in his name (which means God saves or God is my Savior), he gave the right to become children of God – children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or husbands will, but born of God.” (John 1: 12-13 of the Bible).
  •  “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (Almighty God in Heaven) except through me.”, said the Living Savior. (John 14: 6 of the Bible).
  • Therefore, it is imperative for you to know and accept: WHO is your Living Savior?, WHAT has the Living Savior done for you? and WHY the Living Savior did this for you? -  in order to become a true Believer. Just do it, right NOW!

IN SUM: BELIEVE. BECOME. BE SAVED. When you BELIEVE (a *free act) in the Living Savior and what He has already done for you (a finished fact), you instantly BECOME an adopted child of God who is assured to BE SAVED from the fires of Hell.Then, YOU will surely (*100%) go and live IN HEAVEN someday - FOREVER! So simple. So true. So divine. Truly, God’s love and grace for you and me is *amazing.


Being a Believer who accepted and received the Gift - the *amazing grace of God by faith - as Saved, someday, like John Newton - the former slave hunter and trader,  you will joyfully declare, “HEAVEN? It’s *FREE!” 

However, as an Unbeliever who rejected the Gift - the *amazing grace of God - or didn't care at all, as Unsaved, someday you will writhe in agony and pain, and whimper, “And so is Hell.”

Your own Choice: It cannot be undone - FOREVER. Period.

For your ultimate eternal Destiny, may your choice NOW be HEAVEN, FOREVER!


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Painless. Timeless. Priceless.

Thank you very much for your understanding and let's see each other in Heaven someday. God loves you, so do we.